Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm on vacation in Michigan while Larry is minding the pups. Lark made it through the 4th of July and hasn't been as reactive to small pops when we are on long walks and her kennel is blocks away. When Larry and I are together for fireworks or thunder we chat back and forth about the wonderful time we are having. When she does run off to her kennel she comes back much faster. Termite could care less about storms or fireworks. Unless he is sleeping he is working all of the time. I've figured out that I can wrap his leather leash around me and he still has enough room for a walk around the neighborhood or in the back yard. Then I can have Lark on her retractable leash and they are both having great walks. Termite is taking baby steps to accepting the neighbor lady with the garden right next to our fence. He can't be in that area when she is out but he can be, with supervision, be in the front part of the yard and just watch what is going on. I'm working, with both dogs, on permission to go through a door. They get Simon says "let's go" and baby steps to Simon's silence. I have a couple of videos of Termite "working" in the back yard but the upload is too slow right now. Maybe it is because I'm at McDonald. I'll try again next time. So I'll send a couple of picture, minus dogs. The first one below (with AC) is the side where the neighbor lives with people Termite doesn't understand. The garden is back by their garage. The second picture is the side where Termite thinks the neighbors are part of our family. Both neighbors have dogs which Termite gets along with.

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  1. What a great post, Elizabeth! Excellent reporting on your progress, plus helpful photos which allow me to visualize where your training is being applied! Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work; I look forward to seeing the videos :)

    And enjoy your vacation! See you soon.